Tuesday, February 27, 2007

POTM #3: ye olde sea kat

you may have noticed that it took me a while to get this print of the "month" done. well, i've been busy. but now it can be told: i was giving birth to sea kat.

this month's print (number three in total) brings with it a new form: the shirt. and it also brings with it a buddy: a little booklet entitled "the illustrated myths and rituals of sea kat". a booklet which, in pictorial form, illustrates the birth and death of one Sea Kat.

Q: what/who is the sea kat?
A: one might say there is a little sea kat in all of us. i refer you to the recordings of steve miller's "the joker" and "wintertime" for more inspiration. i am so not kidding. an exploration of invented mythologies? a little buddy to keep us safe? a visitor from within?

Q: where did he/she come from?
A: i met sea kat on a beach in mexico. we watched the waves glow green from the red tide and then i went to bed.

Q: what kind of shirt is it?
A: american apparel (sizes s, m, l, and xl)

enough of this foolishness, though. this month's print is a shirt, printed by my good buddy John over at mollusk (thanks, john!). it comes with a 12 page booklet (4 inches by 5 inches). as with all POTM's, it's $25, shipping included. it's a limited edition of 48. if you would like one, you can paypal via the paypal website with the username nb_russell (at) hotmail.com, or you can email me or stop me on the street. please tell me your preferred shirt size, keeping in mind that these shirts, in my experience, shrink a bit.

thanks for looking, i appreciate it. and thank you to my subscribers near and far, for helping me make this series possible.

i joke, but this is serious stuff.

thanks to model, abby g.


Sheridan said...

please come over to have lunch and drop off my sea kat..thank you,

tkt said...

just bought a baseball cap at mollusk surf shop in sf. ...didn't know what it meant, just liked the hat, so thought i'd better google it. anyway, sounds like a cool concept. thank god it's nothing weird! :P